The Food

At Zee Grub, we custom design each and every menu to suit the event. All meats are slow cooked for hours in our Texas rig, and infused with smoke. Our homemade BBQ sauces are made with Quebec maple syrup. Oh and… you won’t believe our fries!

Zee Grub’s promise to you
All our ingredients are selected with the highest quality control in mind. Our meat products are only delivered from farms with care and compassion for both the animal and for the sustainability of land and water resources. No use of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or animal by-products.

The integrity of HERITAGE ANGUS BEEF comes from the time-honoured traditional values of Canadian Ranching families and from the quality assurance that is backed by the national Verified Beef Production program. Heritage Angus Beef is legendary Angus beef that you can trust and savour.